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The First Such Windows Classified RC4 Burglar Resistant

Rolling grille

The more and more frequent acts of vandalisms and thefts force owners of the shops, shopping arcades, banks or museums to make the decision as regards the choice of the appropriate protection, while maintaining the possibility to present their exhibitions at the same time. In order to meet these expectations, Aluprof is offering the rolling grille PEK 80 and PER 77 made of the high-quality aluminium alloy coated with powder varnish resistant to abrasion and the influence of atmospheric conditions, available in a wide range of colour according to RAL palette.


The Aluprof rolling grille is a safe solution. In standard version, it is equipped with the following types of protection devices:

  • protection against self-rolling of the curtain (the emergency brake)
  • protection against crushing with the closing grille (the contact safety sensor in the bottom safety strip or arrangement of photocells)
  • the electronic overload detector and mechanical pulling switch preventing from pulling up the grille
  • the emergency system of grille opening


The Aluprof rolling grille constitute the versatile solution – the gate can be mounted both in objects under construction and the existing ones.
The basic function and advantage of the rolling grille is providing protection of the object, while maintaining the following possibilities:

  • presentation of the exposition
  • providing the appropriate ventilation in arcades, underground garages, multi-level parking places
  • change of the spacing and number of grille windows, in order to create patterns preferred by the clients
  • application of glazing in the grille profile, which constitutes the additional protection against the wind, rain, dust etc

Operation and control of the rolling grille

The rolling grille is lifted and lowered with the help of the electric servomotor. Control of the grille is performed using a switch located inside or outside the compartment. Chosen combinations of the control devices provide high level of the comfort of service. Depending on individual needs, it is possible to use remote controllers or the key switch that enable operation of the grille from the outside.

Structure of the grille

The grille is rolled on the aluminium reel mounted in the cover box or on the brackets constituting its support and bearing. The brackets are mounted directly to the wall or to other constructional elements of the object.

In the case of grille mounted within the lintel area, the attention should be brought to the minimum height of the lintel necessary for installation of the grille (the reeling diameter is dependent on height of the grille or size of the cover box).

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