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Facility: Galeria Katowice

Pollard Street, Manchester 2012

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Certyfikat Breem Excellent: Pollard Street, Manchester 2012


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Facility: Sky Tower, Wroclaw 2012

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Facility: Centrum Nanotechnologii Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego

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Facility: Instytut Informatyki UMCS, Lublin

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The First Such Windows Classified RC4 Burglar Resistant

Rolling gates

Due to its particular destination, each garage should constitute the compartment that is both functional and safe. The most important element responsible for maintaining these two features is the garage gate. The gate, which not only protects the car, but very often also protects the access to the inside of the house. Taking such requirements into account, Aluprof Company is offering you the rolling garage gates.


The rolling garage gates constitute the versatile solution – the gate can be mounted both in objects under construction and the existing ones. A very important advantage of rolling gates is saving of space. The vertically-operating gate is an especially recommended solution in all situations, where the garage access road is short, or when it comes straight to the street. It improves significantly the driver’s safety, since raised curtain does not disturb the field of vision. Functionality of the rolling gate is confirmed by also its individual elements. Profiles, of which the curtain is composed, are characterised by good thermal and acoustic insulation properties.


The rolling gate is a safe solution in every aspect. The curtain made from PA 77 profiles is resistant to the mechanical influence, and the solid guide bars hinder significantly its tearing out. In standard versions, the gate is also equipped with protection against lifting. The electromagnetic brake of the servomotor operating the gate together with blocking hangers effectively prevent from all kinds of attempts to lift the gate. In accordance with valid norms, in the structure of our gate, we also predicted the protection against crushing with a closing gate. In the case of meeting any obstacle in the filed of photocells operation, the gate is being immediately stopped. The power supply failure is also not a problem.

In the case of power supply failure, the gate can be opened or closed with the help of the emergency manual operation, which can be included in the Aluprof servomotors.


A very significant architectural element is that the gate should harmonise with the building façade. Thanks to the matching colours and the aesthetic appearance, it can highlight outstandingly the façade of the house and garage.


Employing the electric drive and remote control provides high level of the service comfort. The remote control allows opening and closing the gate without the necessity of getting out of the car. It can constitute the especial advantage for example during rain or in the evening – with the help of a remote control, it is possible to turn on the illumination of the drive or the garage.


It is made of high-quality sheet aluminium, destined for constructing the rolling gate curtains. The emphasis was put on the protective advantages of the profile. The special shape of the profiles, the appropriate sheet aluminium thickness allows constructing a solid curtain resistant to mechanical influence. Application of high-quality varnish causes that the profile coating is characterised by a very good durability and the increased abrasion resistance. The profile is resistant to action of atmospheric conditions and is easy to be kept clean. Its great advantage is high durability and light weight. Depending on the needs, the PA 77 profiles can be joined in the curtain with the profiles with glazing PER 77 and the ventilation profiles PEW 77.

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