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Ribbon skylights

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Facility: Galeria Katowice

Pollard Street, Manchester 2012

Economic energy systems

a new standard in the construction industry

Certyfikat Breem Excellent: Pollard Street, Manchester 2012


Reduce your energy bill by

up to 30% with our roller shutters

Sky Tower


highest in Poland

Facility: Sky Tower, Wroclaw 2012

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and warm home

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We create the space

and make the form

Facility: Centrum Nanotechnologii Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego

Centrum Belvedere

Millions ft2

of experience in aluminium

Facility: Instytut Informatyki UMCS, Lublin

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The First Such Windows Classified RC4 Burglar Resistant

Roller blind profiles

Profiles: PAU 37, PA 37 and PA 39

are one of the most common aluminium profiles. The popularity of this group of profiles can be confirmed by the fact that the roller blinds made from them have protected windows in thousands of houses throughout Europe for years. In application of profiles PAU 37, PA 37 and PA 39 in window roller blinds, their small height and slender shape are the favourable qualities. Owing to that, the profile can be easily rolled on, and this especially concerns PAU 37, and it also fits effortlessly the small-sized shutter boxes.

Profiles: PA 40 and PA 45

are destined for application in window roller blinds, door recesses as well as small-sized showcases. These profiles are higher and thicker than the above mentioned ones, and this results in their increased stability. At the same time, the appropriate reeling diameters allow application of this profile in the small-sized shutter boxes.

Profile: PE 41

belongs to the group of extruded profiles. It is recommended to the persons, for whom the protective features are of the greatest significance. It is characterised by excellent resistance qualities resulting from the structure of this profile. The roller blind involving PE 41 profile meets the requirements – class of burglary resistance 2 – according to ENV 1627 1999 (Certificate of Conformity no. 053/03). Due to its weight, we recommend using electric or half-automatic drive in roller blinds made from PE 41 profiles.

Profiles: PA 52 and PA 55

intended for application in window roller blinds of the considerable width, door recesses and showcases. The solid structure guarantees high rigidity of the profiles, while maintaining the well-formed and proportional appearance. Special attention should be brought to the PA 52 profile, due to the excellent reeling parameters in this class of profiles, what allows application of small-sized shutter boxes.

Thanks to such a great diversity of profiles as well as rich colour range offered by Aluprof Company, it is also possible to produce roller blinds and rolling gates meeting their requirements as regards the practical and architectural functions.

All above-mentioned profiles have the Certificate of Conformity No. 0114/02 that authorises to denoting the product with a construction mark. The production of our profiles is carried out on automated production lines, using the technology of metal plates cold forming (except for PE 41 profile). The starting material for production comprises high-quality sheet aluminium that meets the quality requirements of the European norm EN 1396. This sheet aluminium consists of two-layer varnish coatings in the PUR-PA system, characterised by the increased abrasion resistance and the influence of atmospheric conditions. Thanks to the foam filling the profiles, they are distinguished by good thermal and acoustic insulation.

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