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Certyfikat Breem Excellent: Pollard Street, Manchester 2012


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Facility: Centrum Nanotechnologii Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego

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Facility: Instytut Informatyki UMCS, Lublin

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The First Such Windows Classified RC4 Burglar Resistant

Practical, romantic and made of aluminium. Discover the shutters of the XXIth century.

Practical, romantic and made of aluminium. Discover the shutters of the XXIth century.

Sky-blue, green, slatted, svelte or strong, made of wood – in southern Europe, shutters are to be found in almost every home. They become increasingly popular also in Poland. Thanks to the aluminium, they are today even more resistant to weather and protect our homes against overheating during hot summer days.

Shutters, although still considered a typical element of the traditional architecture, are also a great decorative part, to be used in modern buildings’ façades of a simple, geometric form. Back in old times, shutters in Poland’s climatic zone could not withstand long, for rainy autumns and cold, snowy winters strained their structure. On average, after 3-4 seasons, they required extensive maintenance or replacement. Modern shutters, made of lightweight aluminium, are perfectly suited for our climatic zone. They are highly resistant, including to weathering and corrosion – says Bożena Ryszka, Head of Marketing Department at Aluprof S.A.

Shutters can add a special touch to our homes. Although they are associated with country-style buildings, they become increasingly popular also in modern facilities. Today’s market offers a wide selection of designs, allowing thus a spatial diversity of the external elevation. These elements, both glamourous and practical, can nowadays take pride in their renaissance. Aluprof MB-Sunshades, with their slatted or panelled structure, can enhance the aesthetics of a building. Thanks to a wide range of colours, shutters can be successfully used both in traditional and modern buildings – says Paweł Dacka, façade constructor at Aluprof S.A.

Shutters allow to regulate building’s energy use which is of great importance in today's economically and ecologically-oriented building. Shutters can reduce heating of interior spaces in summer, as they inhibit the access of light and hot air in the rooms, providing a pleasant coolness. In winter, on the other hand, they help to reduce heat loss.

These elements provide additional protection against adverse weather conditions, making our windows remain beautiful and functional for even longer. In addition, shutters attenuate interior spaces, no matter the storm, rain or hail outside.

Shutters can have solid panels. Once closed, they completely darken the room. We can also opt for a louvered version, fixed or mobile. They typically consist of two sections mounted on both sides of the window reveal, but there are also single or folding shutters, mounted on only one side of the window.

Responding to trends, Aluprof S.A. offers MB-Sunshades, a high quality aluminium shutter system. Modern techniques allow to create permanent colouring using RAL colour chart and wood-like patterns. They are available in many shapes and sizes and can be mounted in front of the external elevation, aligned, or placed inside the window opening. Reinforced structure provides the appropriate stiffness and resistance, which allows to create products of a very large size. All of these features allow shutters to fully fit to the nature and aesthetics of a building.

MB-SUNSHADES are the perfect solution for all those who love classic style with a modern twist. Lightness and resistance go hand in hand with the traditional look. In modern homes, MB-Sunshades can be a contrast diversifying the shape of a building, or subtly complement a muted-colour structure.

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