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Facility: Centrum Nanotechnologii Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego

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Facility: Instytut Informatyki UMCS, Lublin

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The First Such Windows Classified RC4 Burglar Resistant



In response to the ever-growing demand for building products with a high thermal insulation value, the MB-60HI, MB-60US HI, MB-60E HI and MB-60EF HI window systems with a thermal barrier have been developed. Their construction is based on the proven and tested, expanded and valued base MB-60, MB-60US, MB-60E and MB-60EF systems.
For the constructions of the MB-60HI system, the overall heat-transfer coefficient Uf amounts to from 1.48 W/(m2*K) depending upon the profiles and accessories used.

Thermal insulation is improved by placing special inserts in the central chambers of aluminium profiles. Owing to a low value of the heat-transfer coefficient, the inserts reduce heat transfer through the construction. The central location of the inserts also reduces heat transfer by convection and thermal radiation.

Similarly as for the base system, the MB-60HI system windows can also be individually installed as well as applied in aluminium façades. When they are used for filling in a mullion-transom wall, their use in combination with the MB-SR50 HI  system with an improved thermal insulation is the most appropriate.

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