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The First Such Windows Classified RC4 Burglar Resistant

Aluprof Windows. The most secure in Poland.

Aluprof Windows. The most secure in Poland.

The tests carried out at the Institute of Precision Mechanics confirmed that Aluprof’s MB-70RC4 windows meet the requirements of the RC4 class burglary resistance, which means we can feel really safe at home and our assets will not fall prey to a thief. MB-70RC4 windows are unrivalled in Poland when it comes to security.

According to police statistics, in 70% of cases, the thieves get into the house through the windows. Usually, however, they refrain from burglary, if the time to force the protection devices exceeds 3 minutes. That is why it is worth to capitalise on a window, which will protect our assets to a greater extent. The new solution by Aluprof – the reinforced window based on MB-70 system is certified RC4 to EN 1627. This means that it is able to resist for 10 minutes to an experienced burglar equipped with a substantial arsenal: hammer, axe, chisel or cordless drill.

For a window to be certified RC4, it needs to be equipped with P6 B glazing set, and these glazing must be glued to the structure. The P6 B glazing is among those that are “more burglar resistant”. It is characterised by up to 6 layers of PVB film which holds the panes of glass and even if the glass breaks, it will continue to be held by the film. A glass with P6 B class is resistant to impact, even with an axe, and it can replace a grille made of thick steel bars. The resistance of a window is determined not only by the glass, but by all the elements in it – a sole strong glass is not enough, if it is not permanently connected to the profiles and without the structure and hardware being well adapted to the requirements. The same goes for the best frame with anti-burglary hardware that will simply fail if combined with the most basic glazing set – says Janusz Chwastek, Head of Window & Door Systems Department within the Development Division at Aluprof S.A.

RC4 class does not use standard hardware, but multipoint hardware of a great resistance, equipped with mushroom striker plates. MB-70RC4 window profiles are reinforced on the outside with aluminium flat bars, bolted to the frame profiles and to the batten plates. For glazing purposes, closed-shape beads are used, deriving from the MB-86 system.
MB-70 window and door system is very popular on the Polish market and is increasingly used on other European markets as well as outside Europe. It has been designed to provide our Customers with modern and resistant profiles, used for the fabrication of various types of windows, characterised by high thermal and acoustic insulation performance, and thus being a product recommended for the energy-efficient building. At present, Aluprof’s specialists, basing upon this system, are the first in Poland and one of the few in Europe to have created a solution that meets the requirements of the RC4 class. This way, we contribute to the development of the industry and we increase the safety of windows’ buyers – says Janusz Chwastek.


MB-70 system characteristics:

  • The variety of window functions, tailored to the needs of its users: inward and outward openable windows and doors, including smoke exhaust windows.
  • The possibility of bending profiles and creating arch structures
  • A variety of aesthetic solutions offered by windows with concealed casement, an option with Industrial, “steel-like” look and three types of glazing beads
  • The possibility of fabricating two-coloured structures
  • A basis of the MB-70CW window & door façade
  • A basis for solutions with superior thermal insulation: MB-70HI, MB-70US HI and MB-70CW HI

RC4 certified, MB-70RC4 window combines meticulously developed components, each of which significantly helps the structure to resist a burglar. Together, they form a really difficult barrier to cross. Aluprof’s solution is not only safe, but also aesthetically pleasing. Using it makes it unnecessary to envisage any additional security methods such as security bars, which do not always match the style of a house or the taste of its owner.

Burglar-proof MB-70RC4 windows will have its premiere in a military facility in Łask.

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